Management Staff Training

One of the most critical components to the success of any business is the effective use of its human resources. Our Staff  Management Training Services has resources to aid in the development of your staff members at all levels.

We have developed and successfully implemented human resource development programs for small to large companies in areas including communication skills, goal setting, team building, transitioning supervisory skills, effective performance appraisals, business writing, customer service, time management and leadership.

Our consultants meet with you to identify critical issues and desired measurable outcomes. Starting with a core body of knowledge, the training is then customized to meet establish objectives based on identified needs.

Our customized management training program lets you design a unique agenda to meet the specific needs of your organization in Zambia. In addition, you work with our course designer to tailor a distinct management training course for different levels of experience within your organization – such as junior managers and senior managers. Moreover, you can choose training modules from our management course menu to create an agenda for one, two, three, four or even five days of interactive management training